CoD XP 2011 - MW3: CTF Dome Gameplay

Gametrailers: CoD XP 2011: Classic Capture the Flag gameplay gets Modernized with all the new perks of Modern Warfare 3. Get an advance look in this gameplay from Call of Duty's XP Event.

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RAYMEISTER2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

OMG....same crap. Disgusting

cyborg69712606d ago

Preowned mw3 ftw. They aren't getting my money.

Kon_Artist 2604d ago

so you would rather pay like $5 less so these guys dont get money. that's really stupid considering the devs put hard work into this. just because it looks a bit the same doesnt me they did no work and just add a few new features.

marcindpol2606d ago

not released yet, but already looks so familiar and old..

no thanks!

TheFact0032606d ago

Lol why didn't they just make more DLC maps? I swear I couldn't find ONE MOTHER******* difference... WOW...

media732606d ago

Oh dear...

I thought the all the bad press was fan boys.. but omg its modern ripofffare 2.1 preorder cancelled. Activision are so smug about making millions of Profit.. Not this time, this is pathetic and lazy developing utter utter utter cash in.

bf3 for the WIN!

chriski3332606d ago

wait wait this is mw3???????? wow activison u got alot of ballz putting out this game it looks just like mw2 come on this just cant be true

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The story is too old to be commented.