CoD XP 2011 - MW3: Spec-Ops Paris Gameplay

Gametrailers: Spec-Ops mode is sure to test your wits as suicidal hostiles attack you on the streets of Paris! Check out the footage from the Call of Duty XP Event!

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fluffydelusions2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Looks fun now give me my disagrees. BTW, I notice the same voices from MW2.

Swiggins2629d ago

No disagree from me my friend.

I'm pumped. =)

GSpartan7772629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

That tree looks almost exactly like MW2

*Inb4 haters getting mad at me for mocking them*

Swiggins2629d ago



memots2629d ago

ok this is the first time i am actually getting interested in this game. Wow that looks sweet !!

Motorola2629d ago

You're not allowed to have interest in a COD game on this site so it seems.

memots2628d ago

Yup See this post i wrote 2 days ago. Exactly what you just said.

[ 410 degree and 11 comment. The popularity of COD doesn't lie.

You have 11 or so comment by haters and lots and lots of people actually clicking to get more details and bits of information because they are loving the franchise and plan on buying MW3 , but somehow they were made to feel ashamed and cannot admit that they will buy this along millions of gamer because some sheep here will call them sheep. ]

BeardedPriest2629d ago

This undoes the feeling brought on by that other trailer...

BigDollarZoe9542629d ago

Nice Spec Ops looks raw as hell