Top 10 Holy Sh*t Moments in Gaming "Every once and a while there comes a moment in entertainment that makes you sit back and say “Holy sh*t.” It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it usually defines an experience. We thought it would be fun to pick 10 such examples within the realm of gaming. Every moment listed here made our jaws hit the floor when we first experienced them. We hope the same applies to you."

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ednorris2696d ago

I think this list is pretty solid, if I do say so myself.

Xof2696d ago

I respectfully disagree. It's composed entirely of new games, aside from two token "twists" from two of the largest Nintendo franchises. There's a lot missing from, you know, that whole pre-Xbox era.

Sarevok is your brother. Think that's ****ed up? Guess who your pappy is.

The whole nature of the dual worlds in Dragon Quest VI. Holy **** that was awesome.

The nature of the "gods" in Okami. Wow.

Hell, every Final Fantasy between VI and X has had an awesome, "oh shit!" twist.

Ghost Trick? Best "holy shit" moment this generation.

Shadows of Amn had that great stuff with Irenicus.

The whole part of Soul Reaver 2 when Raziel meets his past self and... no, fuck it--the whole damned Legacy of Kain series. Period.

Xenogears, Xeonsaga, Dot Hack, Steambot Chronicles, even the Disgaea and Fatal Frames have all had much larger "oh shit" twists than the generic drivel found in this list--case in point being the Halo "twist." Humans being secretly the bestest race in the galaxy is an ancient (and awful) cliche. And I'm sure this guy'll think it's a mindblowing twist when it crops up again next year in Mass Effect 3.

CrescentFang2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Though I know of these games, I have only a small portion of the games you listed... you're making me want to track them down asap lol only if I had the money...
EDIT: Also I think Nier had a great twist in it's story... especially in the 2nd playthrough...

lociefer2695d ago

how about when big boss returned in mgs4, tht was pretty awesome

morganfell2695d ago


That is the biggest holy crap moment in gaming. It took 20 years to set up. And it isn't just his return but also the fact you discover that everything you thought was true over 8+ games...was a lie.

Also the entire Soul Reaver series is a "WTF, didn't see that coming" a minute ride.

killcycle2695d ago

Odin coming out in usual sequence and then being killed by Seifer in FF8

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SephirothX212695d ago

Yes but I want the top ten holy f*ck moments...

TenSteps2696d ago

I'd go for Folklore's ending moments but then again not many people played Folklore. Too bad knowing about what Keats is more really was a nice twist.

But the list was pretty good anyways.

devilhunterx2695d ago

High-5, fellow Folklorer (is that even a word?)

majiebeast2696d ago

Infamous ending... Proper mindfuck right there.

Mario0072696d ago

yeah that ending changed it from 'ok' story to 'holy shit!!!!' kind of story. and when you replay the game again and you notice how they actually included subtle hints about kesler throughout the game, its amazing

Neko6082696d ago

Would you kindly make the ads on this site less obnoxious?

Mr PS32696d ago

I Kicked the Crap outa Psycho Mantis with my pad still in port 1
Now thats a Holy Sh*t Moment

HaHa_Ostrich2696d ago

I remember being able to nip in a very small amount of Mantis' health without the port trick. Maybe on easy setting its possible? Was probably a long fight though :)

NukaCola2695d ago

@ MR PS3

I remember fighting Screaming Mantis in MGS4. Whne nothing was working I actually switched the ports to read controller 2, remembering the original. But it didnt work. When I switched back, Otacon came over the codec just to tell me I cant fight her like I did in MGS. I laughed so hard becuase the easter egg was totally mind blowing. The game is definitely 20 yeas of culture rolled in one bug tribute.

Skateboard2696d ago

Gangsta, i almost did that do but he killed me.

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