The BitBag: Modern Warfare 3 Full Disclosure

Torrence Davis writes, "I’ve had many issues with the COD series since MW2. Mainly the use of kill streaks, bullet sponging and totally unrealistic game mechanics. I know it’s a video game but to have an RC car that can easily climb steps is ridiculous in my opinion. Anyways, this post isn’t about my discontent with the last 2 Call Of Duty games, it’s about how Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games have brought us back to the roots of Call Of Duty."

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DA_SHREDDER2606d ago

the scrap yard was one of the worst maps in MW2, actually MW2 is the first COD that I actually disliked most of the maps in the whole game.

OOG2606d ago

id agree i didnt like the maps in mw2 either... they symmetry

towelie12882606d ago

MW2 had some good maps some were whack though

Yomiro2606d ago

Why so much secrecy is just the same old game.