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aviator1892629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

I'd definitely get one of those controllers. They look pretty great.
The power on/off and disk tray eject custom sounds sounds awesome as well.

CarlosX3602629d ago

I like the MW3-Themed console. It looks good!

Zir02629d ago

Make sense why Star Wars Kinect was delayed. Looks like COD will once again be a massive system seller for the 360.

No wonder MS doesn't plan on cutting price lol.

CGI-Quality2629d ago

Call of Duty has never been a "massive" system seller on the 360, not even the bundles. It pushes a few more on week launches (then again, PS3 sales increase too). You'll never fully know since the numbers are inflated (include the holiday rush), but it's never massive from CoD bundles alone.

OT: While this bundle looks neat, the Gears of War one is the one I'm picking up!

2629d ago
Xboxhut12629d ago

Just added a video we just got in.

user83971442629d ago

Wonder how much M$ paid for that.

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The story is too old to be commented.