Modern Warfare 3 - brand new multiplayer trailer

Check out a brand new trailer of Modern Warfare 3, this time in first-person.

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aviator1892603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Well, this trailer is much better than the one they released earlier. I don't even know how the earlier one made it through approval.

iamnsuperman2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

I agree, this one is so much better. Nice additions as well.

S_C2603d ago

Same here with the earlier trailer i wsa like WTF is this sh*t, but this trailer is much much better. Oh well a great end to the for us FPS fans is aproaching fast....Good time

MidnytRain2603d ago

I think that including first-person shots in a trailer for a first-person shooter is the best way to go.

BattleTorn2599d ago

a complete turn around from their MP debut trailer.

This one has me pumped!!

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Supman2603d ago

Great trailer
for a great game.

JeffGUNZ2603d ago

I am pissed they didn't add dedicated servers. No excuse when the game is this popular and makes so much money.

Dart892603d ago

*I am pissed they didn't add dedicated servers.

Maybe if you'd stop buying the same game over and over they would get it through thier thick headed skulls.

Convas2603d ago

I'm sorry, is Battlefield 3 on consoles using Dedicated Servers? Err, no.

And EA is INFAMOUS for their P2P server issues. I've to this day, NEVER been able to join into a friend's squad through invite, EA's servers always kick me out.

JeffGUNZ2603d ago

Yes Dart89,

Clearly my single purchase makes or breaks the deal. You can't please these morons on this site. You say something positive about COD and you get ripped apart. You comment something somewhat negative and they still have a way of commenting something negative.

BattleTorn2599d ago

don't get me wrong, I'd love a CoD boycott.

But, no one is going to when they feel one less sale, or a few thousand less sales, are futile to that cause.

That's why everyone has caved, cause the general consensus is "ya.. we're still getting it"

NealCaffrey2603d ago

I can't wait to be playing this game for hours.

Farsendor12603d ago

that one actually looks good

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The story is too old to be commented.