Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 confirmed multiplayer details

Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward recently took to the stage at CoD XP 2011 and confirmed some details and revealed some new ones about Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer and the new service, Call of Duty Elite

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JeffGUNZ2603d ago

Other then weapon upgrading the more you use it, I was completely let down. How can they be making so much money, say they are trying to provide the best experience for their community, but not add dedicated servers? I'll pass on this game for a while, I will focus all my time on Gears 3.

DA_SHREDDER2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Wow, the most successful game of all time, and still no dedicated servers? Yeah I don't see me getting this game for awhile, especially after watching those lackluster mp vids. LOL @ the dog tags, so evolutionary, never seen dog tags in a video game before. LMAO!

Ill be fine with Black ops since I got like 30+ maps and soon to have a total of 10 zombie maps. I'll wait till the price goes down dramatically of course, around the $45 dollar mark, but by then Treyarch will have a new COD out, and I might even miss this game all together.

velocitygamer2603d ago

One man army as secondary....oh dear god.

GrieverSoul2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Tha fact that they said: "No OMA, no Commando, no Last Stand..." - At this moment I was thinking- "Say No QuickScopes, say No Quickscopes" - And he never said it! Makes me think about buying this game on launch day like the other 2 Modern Warfare or wait a little while till it drops price.

I know that but I was hoping they would remove it or at least tweak it. I mean, its a aim assist exploit. There is no skill in it regadless the amount of people that think it is. Some douch quickscoped a guy at close range? Good for you for abusing the game assist. -_-

Parasyte2602d ago

The reason he never said "No Quickspoing" at COD XP was because he confirmed that there would be quickscoping about a month or so ago.

hqgamez2603d ago

what do they mean by Kill Streaks won’t reset when you die

Relientk772602d ago

Basically It counts the # of kills u get in the game, no matter how many times u die. U will go up the killstreak ladder and obtain the ones u picked no matter if u die or not

3GenGames2603d ago

Elite is $50 a year? Lol that's dead.

Raven_Nomad2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

$50 a year which will get you monthly DLC. 18 million people bought map packs in Black Ops. If a COD game were to have 4 DLC Map Packs then that would be $55 in itself. 3 map packs would be $45. So you'd actually be saving money.

Also, Hardened Edition of MW3 gets Elite for free for a whole year.

COD Elite and Hot Cakes have a lot in common!

Edit @ 3GenGames
It's so not dead, all the wishful thinking in the world wont make it so. 18 million people bought Black Ops map packs, so even if only 10 million buy Elite it's still successful. I will go on record saying more people will buy Elite then buys Battlefield 3.

3GenGames2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

They won't give it to you cheaper, it's just a service to get more money for them. And MONTHLY DLC? Lol, THAT'S DEAD.

And yeah, 1 year and 1 week after the release and 90% of people's codes expire, they will release DLC to screw them because then they'd either buy more elite or get sucked in to buying it for a ridiculous $15+. It's there to screw you, don't act like it's to help.

CaptainMarvelQ82603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Oh,what's that I Hear?

hqgamez2603d ago

how about this..we don't support them at all

3GenGames2603d ago

Ahh, so with your update, you must mean they the equation Sale + DLC Sales = Good. I'd like to see your mathematical proof. You'd have to be a good political mathematician to get out of that question.

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towelie12882603d ago

intresting well see come nov
if i am rollin in the dough i may pick it up lol

solidworm2603d ago

Lol its a fkin cartoon.

RedDead20672602d ago

Same as last year. Boring.

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