MW3 'Killstreaks' now called 'Strike Packages'

Infinity Ward is changing the name of the “Killstreaks” found in many of the recent Call of Duty games. In Modern Warfare 3, they will now be called “Strike Packages”.

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caboose322694d ago

That's about the extent of what they've changed in the game.

Criminal2694d ago

Ahh C'mon they changed the title too.

TenSteps2694d ago

They also changed the... the.. the...


NatureOfLogic2694d ago

So what, BF3 will have the same boring gameplay. MW3 Pre-ordered, day 1.

radphil2694d ago

You know at least the original poster had material to go on. took a complete random fire and missed by a mile.

caboose322694d ago

Sorry, played in the alpha, not the same boring gameplay.

And My original post was just a joke, I really have no clue what the hell they are doing or changing in CoD, nor do I care.

Skynetone2694d ago

they do have one cool new feature

its a 100 foot long super stab with auto lock on and dodge

theonlylolking2694d ago

Please tell me what is so different about BF3 from BF2 other than the graphics?...yeah almost nothing.

caboose322694d ago

The difference from Bad Company 2 to Battlefield 3 is much more than MW2 to MW2.5, I can say that much.

Unlike you, I've actually played Battlefield 3 and can speak for the changes. They have only shown 1 mediocre MP trailer for CoD and they changed the killstreaks around, and thats about it. (I think there is a new running animation too.)

BF3 actually doesn't even feel, look, play or move anything like BC2, and thats great for me because I didn't really enjoy BC2.

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3GenGames2694d ago

Hey, that makes it worth the wait and totally balanced. Not really, it just gives more categories to abuse.

Heck, and this isn't even MW2.5 from the video, it's more like MW1.5! >.>

xtremexx2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

saw some gameplay, not sure why but it still looks the same to me

fluffydelusions2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

"not sure why but it still looks the same to me"

That's because they use the same engine every year. Honestly, I'm fine with it. I had fun with MW2. I'll be picking up both BF3 and MW3 so I can rotate between them.

Holeran2694d ago

So the same type of streaks but they change the name? Ya that'll take care of everything.

DigitalRaptor2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I'm seriously gonna have to discourage my friends from buying this waste of time rehash.

That's all I can do, and then it's down to them.