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Hitman07692603d ago

As if they aren't getting enough money.

Criminal2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Check the list. The subscription does offer a lot. I don't know though, $50 is bit too much. $30 would've been a better price point.

Mister_V2603d ago

On top of XBOX live already... its a bit much.

psyxon2603d ago

PSN > XBL. I'll be getting it as $50 is nothing for me, and Elite does offer quite a lot.

r1sh122603d ago

but they made a comparison..
All the years DLC = $60,
the premium elite sub = $49...
For MW2 I didnt buy the DLC because they just remade old maps, but for someone who buys all the DLC its probably worth it.
And there are daily competitions to win actual stuff..

psyxon2603d ago

Well, as they've been saying time and time again. The premium service is only for the people who want "more out of CoD", if you aren't a CoD fan and you only play because it's fun or your friends have it, the service probably isn't for you. People who game with Clans it's a nice feature to have. All the other basic, simple features of Elite that will please the majority of CoD gamers are all free. So why are people not pleased with this?

DarkTower8052603d ago

I guess I'll be getting the hardened edition then. That's alot of content they're offering. Big question though, how does this dlc effect ps3 owners when dlc had been announced to go to the xbox 360 first?

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Mister_V2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Monthly DLC sounds great. Nice to see the support.

Criminal2603d ago

Yeah that part of the service is awesome.

rdgneoz32603d ago

But the question is, what will the DLC be. Monthly map packs? Or will they split the map packs into just single maps and release those once a month? Or player skins / weapon customization stuff? Hell, Capcom released a "color" pack for $3 as DLC recently. If they put any effort into the DLC drops, it might be worth it (and that's if they put out the same number of maps within the 9 month period as they did with black ops - 4 packs of 5 = 20 maps).

xtremexx2603d ago

DLC a month sounds awesome, might get it or hardened edition

psyxon2603d ago

Does the Hardened edition come with a subscription to Elite? I'm not sure if I heard incorrectly or not. Someone confirm?

DarkTower8052603d ago

Yes it does, 1 year sub included in hardened edition (and prestige obviously).

Raven_Nomad2603d ago

This is a great price. If you consider your getting monthly DLC. Hell even if they were to do 4 DLC map packs then your still saving money.

Swiggins2603d ago

....That's kinda expensive.....

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The story is too old to be commented.