How a Viral Trailer Set Up Dead Island as a Triple-A Game Release Next Week

VentureBeat: Dead Island is one of the most anticipated games of the fall gaming season. It comes out next week — and you probably wouldn’t know about it if it weren’t for a gritty, visceral game trailer that went viral thanks to social media and word of mouth.

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Huffman2607d ago

I thought it was a very cool trailer, but I don't have children. I can see why it was seen as controversial among those who do.

BrightFalls762607d ago

The trailer was brilliant and from what I've seen of the game since was the best part about Dead Island. The game itself looks rather boring.

Blacktric2607d ago

It was just the start of a shitty marketing campaign. With the release of the game, which looks dull and overrated from the get go, no one will want to remember it. I still don't get why some people were going crazy over that trailer anyway. Especially when there are much better trailers out there.

MidnytRain2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

The music and cinematography were well done. The contrasting pacing of the past and future drew the viewer in.

sloth33952607d ago

from the trailer they made the game out to be better then what was shown so that is not a good thing to do just show gameplay and let it speak for itself if its a good game

HebrewHammer2606d ago

i still say it will be one of the biggest upsets this year.