Modern Warfare 3 - various images detailing multiplayer features

Check out some new images of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that show some of the features of the game's multiplayer functionality.

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Darkspade2695d ago

BORING!!!!!!! Game Looks the same, COD Heading down hill

Raven_Nomad2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

If you think it's boring then don't play it. Certainly don't comment on it. As for going downhill, that's opinion. If you go by sales and critical reception, each COD outdoes the last.

Mikeyy2695d ago

The anti COD, pro BF3 rants are getting boring. Nobody cares. 1 year from now, MW3 will have sold 30x more than BF3 and all the trolls will be gone.

Just like every other "COD KILLER". Go away.

3GenGames2695d ago

"Just like every other 'COD KILLER'. Go away."

This is the only game that's even tried to do this, don't act like COD has weathered any storms, because BF3 is about to be an F5 hurricane and it's gonna hit hard and then we'll see what goes down.

Mikeyy2695d ago


I thought Medal of Honor was an attempt to "overthrow" Call of duty? Who was the multi-player portion developed by again... Hmm, oh wait...

Why didn't BF 2 over throw Call of Duty? DICE hasn't even been trying till now? Is that the excuse?

Dice just getting warmed up? Ill be the first to admit Activision has milked the SHIT out of COD, but you BF3 Fan boys are just delusional! BF3 = GOD to you guys, and it's SAD!.

3GenGames2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

BF2 didn't overthrow COD because COD wasn't even popular then, idiot.

And MoH was more of a practice round at developing and expanding the FB engine to another game. It was okay, but not amazing. But you can see now and with the advancements of BFBC2 combined, that it's worked out well, very well.

Mikeyy2695d ago

You know I meant Bad Company 2, dickless.

and MOH was a practice round. I'm sure in a few months your ass will be explaining to me how BF3 was a scrimmage.

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BlueEye2695d ago

I like the new colors and formats, before the menus were kinda bright, strained my eyes a bit. Now its darker and easier to see.

Darkspade2694d ago

It's kinda sad that a Company and Make Little updates to there game and pass it off as New. everything none in MW3 could have easily been a DLC..