Remembering the NES: Metroid |

Austin D. of writes, "Metroid originally released back on August 6, 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System as one of the first open world side-scrolling games ever made. Metroid features the main character, space bounty hunter Samus Aran, having to traverse a large area in an attempt to rescue Metroid creatures from being replicated by Space Pirates. How does the first installment in this classic series hold up?"

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Moduserous2606d ago

Beats the newer 3D entries.

Neo Nugget2606d ago

Not sure if srs.

Not raggin' on Metroid or anything, but the Prime games were gold.

DA_SHREDDER2606d ago

your right, they were as good as the originals, but the wii versions would have been way better without the motion controls. The other M was freakin awesome!

AronDeppert2605d ago

I could never really get into Metroid for some reason.