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Carl B. of writes, "Madden is a storied franchise that dates all the way back to 1998. While other franchises – and even sports games – have changed and evolved in that kind of time span, Madden has seen very little innovation, if any at all. The latest yearly release, Madden NFL 12, continues not only a trend of repetitive Madden releases, but a trend of low-quality third party titles to hit Wii. EA Sports is, once again, trying to be different with Madden NFL 12 on Wii, and it's one of the biggest failures with this edition of the National Football League simulation."

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RoboRyan2604d ago

Still not sure if I'm getting Madden for my PS3 this year because I know it's more of the same, but I would never spend money on a Wii version. Played it with a friend last year and it was awful.

Sidology2604d ago

Sounds like the Wii wasn't ready for some football.

I wonder why they even bother putting sports games that aren't Mario on the Wii.

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RoboSpiff2604d ago

the xbox one is pretty fun.

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AronDeppert2603d ago

Let's see a MKFL (Mushroom Kingdom Football League) game for thr Wii! Lol