Press Start at The Beginning, not The End

JP LaFrance defends his obsession of playing through franchises from the start by highlighting a few upcoming trilogy finales.

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Nate-Dog2630d ago

Nice article, a good read and I completely agree. I myself can't really ever see myself getting into a series with a detailed story, such as that of Assassins Creed or Mass Effect, on a second or third game and just try and ignore the rest or catch up on it online. If it's a case where I'd have to do it (such as if I was a PS3 user who couldn't play Mass Effect on X360 or PC) to get into a series then I'd probably stick it out, but chances are I might end up just leaving it, I adore being sucked into a game series' story and going along with it the whole way while everyone tries to figure out what's going to happen next. Missing out on one game and some of it's events or choices can really put you in a mix at times and for me it's really hard to get into a series if I'm left with a large blank section from a game I missed where I have only half an idea of what happened here and what happened there.