New Call of Duty Short Film - Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish

Activision debuts a Call of Duty Short Film at Call of Duty XP.

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Hitman07692606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

LoL, okay... I wonder what this will do for the game.

iXenon2606d ago

Wasn't "Find Makarov" some reveal by the guys who made that countdown a couple of months ago?

john22606d ago

Yeah, I remember that too. Still that was a pretty good short film :D

xtremexx2606d ago

nice to know that they got supported and made a second one

TheBeast2606d ago

Yep and with activision funding, better effects setc.

Criminal2606d ago

Yeah it was a great move. I mean this start up must be happy.

Mister_V2606d ago

I feel that Sam Worthinton, even though he was the protagonist in Black Ops, would play a good Soap in real life!

Mister_V2606d ago

Other than some funny acting... this was amazing!

Criminal2606d ago

I loved it too, these guys should do a fully fledged movie.

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