Trouble In the Third Dimension: Why the Nintendo 3DS Is Struggling

GameZone's Robert Workman takes a look at why the 3DS is struggling and why the future for it doesn’t look so hunky dory

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Tanir2630d ago

no games since launch, 3ds is a fail thing to support, who uses it anyway? it doesnt enhance gameplay. the specs arent that impressive with the upcoming vita on the way. its pretty useless. few games i want, but thats months from now till they even release in japan.

zerocrossing2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I have to agree, I'd have one myself by now but everything I want is coming out months from now, The only game that would make me rush out and get one is Z.O.E 3DS and that hasn't even got a release date yet.

Nintendo said it themselves, they had a poor launch line up.

Tanir2630d ago

yeah, but they had the worst line up ive ever seen, months later and no good games. i was about to buy the red one thats coming out this month, but after looking at the releases again there is no reason. how nintendo could release a console with no games planned for the first year is beyond me. my brother has one and he does nothin but chat on it, he swears its the best thing ever but he has nothing to play, he forced himself to buy SF when hee hates fighting games and SF.

i want labrynth, kagura, resident evil, kingdom hearts dream drop, and well thats all i can think of now. and those are a Looooooong ways from coming sadly. oh well, the 3ds lite will be out by then i suppose

tiffac0082630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Ninty should have never released the 3DS without the games ready. The drought of games for months on end was the biggest factor it struggled. Let see how it fares this holiday.

n4f2629d ago

im pretty sure its was either a rush release
or the real release was when the price cut occur and people who brought the 3ds first receive a ''im sorry for using you guys as test''

believe me if mario 3d land and zelda was out its would fly with a 250$ price tag.megaman legend would have been there along side plenty of other games. metal gear would had a release date or already out and there would have no price cut until end 2012 or early 2013

ChickeyCantor2629d ago

" the specs arent that impressive with the upcoming vita on the way. its pretty useless."

Yeah the DS was total crap compared to the PSP

Tanir2629d ago

really sidar?????

so the obvious power diff in the 3ds and vita dont matter at all? obviously power doesnt mean quality all the time but it helps.....psp has amazing games now, tho it did take a while.

u cant deny the fact that vita has a ton of good games for launch and ones to follow shortly.

the 3ds.....7-8 months and still nothing.......hope your having fun with it, probably playing another zelda remake lol

ChickeyCantor2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

My point is that POWER hasn't proven much as far as game libraries go.

The DS also failed in comparison power wise, yet it had a far superior library than the PSP.

So no, the obvious power difference don't mean sh/t. It's the same case as DS and PSP all over again.

I don't recall the DS having an amazing library in its first year. And look at it now. I'm simply giving it more time and then we are able to judge which handheld has a better library.

PSP might be stronger than the DS, but the DS shat all over the PSP with its game library.

And If they remake Majoras Mask or link to the past, then im going to BUY a 3DS for sure.

Have fun being a powerphile.

"psp has amazing games now, tho it did take a while. "

Then who the hell are you to judge the 3DS?
Double standards much?

Venox20082630d ago

Holidays will show everything... until them I still have some 3DS games to beat.. Ghost recon:SW, DOA, Zelda:OOT, Pilotwings, Rabbids 3D and some others..

xX-Jak-Xx2629d ago

the vita will launch holidays 2011 in japan right???

Venox20082629d ago

we don't know that for sure, maybe at TGS it will be revealed

AdvanceWarsSgt2629d ago

Point blank: it needs games, and the better ones aren't coming until late fall/winter.

Shnazzyone2629d ago

I don't think selling well over 1 million units in august not exactly struggling.

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