Child Of Eden $10, Bulletstorm $15 At Best Buy This Labor Day Weekend

So if you haven't picked up Child of Eden or Bulletstorm now is your chance. Child of Eden and Bulletstorm are on sale at Best Buy until Labor Day. Child of Eden is going for $10 while Bulletstorm is selling for $14.99. Grab this deal while its hot, as these are two are some quality titles that should not be missed.

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BrightFalls762606d ago

I really enjoyed the Gameplay of Bulletstorm, it's too bad the humor/dialogue had to be so over the top and childish.

doctorstrange2606d ago

I wouldnt call it a fantastic game, but it was definitely enjoyable

kma2k2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

bulletstorm for $15 i a great deal. I loved that game...but it definatly isnt worth the $60 when it came out.

Edit: Just checked bestbuy website & it has bulletstorm for $19.99? wth

ME19892606d ago

They're both $20 on Best Buy's site....

lochdoun2606d ago

They were $10 and $15 for a very limited time earlier today. (probably intentional to create buzz)
But the prices have since gone up.