Watch Call of Duty XP event live right now

If you were not lucky enough to go to the Call of Duty XP event, don't beat yourself up over it, just sit in the comfort of your own home and watch everyone else have fun. Click past the jump for the live stream and full schedule for the event.

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Nitrowolf22601d ago

so what exactly is this?

gamingdroid2601d ago

My understanding is it's like BlizzCon, just centered around CoD. I have been watching it, and it's definitely exciting. The crowd is totally into it.

vglulz2601d ago

A event for Call of Duty nuts. It's spread over 2 days and there's a lot going on, so check the schedule posted.

Kee2601d ago

I do like call of duty, but I'm going out to get drunk so I'll pass. Not a big fan of live gaming events anyway. I'll catch the highlights on youtube, I'm sure.

Errod882601d ago

Whats with all the 360 logos I thought this was On PC and PS3 and Wii

Caleb_1412601d ago

They sponsored the COD XP event I believe

bub162601d ago

thats right. xbox payed for the whole thing and gave $1 million to the tournament thingy

Shmotz2601d ago

16 maps? good to hear.

maverick11912601d ago

great to see commando back NOT!!!! it's such a unrealistic perk get rid of it

Flavor2601d ago

commando, last stand, and shottie secondaries removed. as said by bowling onstage.

maverick11912601d ago

oh sorry apologies i saw it in COD Elite so i assumed it was MW3 when it must of been MW2 thank you

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