World of Warcraft hits 7 million users worldwide. 9,000 servers and counting

Blizzard announced at the Austin Game Conference this morning, that World of Warcraft has reached 7 million active subscribers worldwide!

What you didn't know is that they are actually very much trying to solve customer complaints, in part by adding more and more servers to WoW.

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TheXgamerLive5866d ago

WoW has also gained over 1 billion dollars in revenue since it's release. Pretty F'in fantastic for a USA (non japan) corporation.

Great gaming that's hinted at being an XBOX 360 title either ported or redesigned.

Bring it on.....

drewdrakes5866d ago

Dont say that too much, it will upset the PC gamers, and they will start talking bad about it

Marriot VP5866d ago

7 million copies sold
9,000 servers
Patches galore

Casting spells like a fairy online, priceless

ploody5865d ago

I read somewhere that they weren't actually bringing this to the 360, fine by me. Developers are lazy and dont want to go through the testing process again. I personally am tired of hearing about this game, it gets old and the quests lead me to believe that developers really are lazy, go find ten of this twenty of that, seriously. And it's too easy to get to level 60. Other than that it has succeeded in absorbing all of my friends, one of em has a WoW tattoo.

Asuka5865d ago

WoW will never be on any console. This game is a PC game and always will be. It won't be the same on a console, and that's a fact.

RelloC5865d ago

you have obviously never played the game. If so, you would not even speak such horsesh!t. It ain't happenin'.