Mirror's Edge 2 Is A Go, Will Run On Frostbite 2 Engine - Xbox World Nov 2011 Rumour

''According to the November 2011 edition of Xbox World magazine, Mirror’s Edge 2 is reportedly in development over at DICE, with the parkour title set to utilize the stunningly beautiful FrostBite 2 engine – ensuring that jaws everywhere will drop when EA eventually makes the highly anticipated announcement, likely to be at the Spike VGA Awards 2011.''

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toxic-inferno2603d ago

Great! I absolutely loved the first game (despite never being able to do very well on the races)! I especially loved trying to play through the story on hard without killing anyone and with runner vision and the crosshairs-dot all turned off. Was a great challenge.

Would love a sequel, so long as it has the same unique graphic style!

SilleGamer2603d ago

DICE are wizards when it comes to visuals.

Mirror's Edge 2 will be no different! :D

Persistantthug2603d ago

Making them get off of it and switch to Frostbyte or other in house made engines.

But I think this was already announced for Mirror's Edge 2.....was it not?

tiffac0082603d ago

I hope this is true, I truly enjoyed the 1st one. :)

Stealth2k2603d ago

never understood the love for this

SilleGamer2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

You gotta play it Stealth.

It really is good!

Can't wait for Mirror's Edge 2!

Stealth2k2603d ago

i tried it and it never clicked.

I am not saying its good or bad because that would be unfair. I didnt put enough time in

kramun2603d ago

Will be best played on PC then.

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The story is too old to be commented.