Mark Rein of Epic thinks Windows App Store will be profoundly positive for the future of PC gaming.

Mark Rein of Epic thinks Windows App Store will be profoundly positive for the future of PC gaming. Hopefully we will stop getting console ports.

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Orpheus2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

If things go the way he hopes then game developers will have only their own sloth for console ports.

Windows 8 ... come out already ....

Letros2630d ago

Can't wait to get a W8 tablet PC!

Orpheus2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Imagine theres no piracy ..
Its easy if we try ..
No game whose graphics is crappy ..
Games which make hardware cry...

Imagine theres no exclusive ..
No closed platform...
No shitty port ....
Devs reaching the sky...

Woohoooo hoooo

You may say I am a dreamer
But I am not the only one
I hope some day you join us
And the gamers will live as one :P

evrfighter2630d ago

Soooo windows 8 is gonna be a closed os? Lol good luck hf with that.

As long as it isn't a requirement for dx12 it won't be the goto choice like windows 7 is

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32629d ago

I suppose they'll be porting over a lot of apps from Windows 7 mobile and the stuff over in the Xbox Live Indie Games section<---- Because basically that's what the XBLIG section is--an app store.

dark-hollow2629d ago


since this is Microsoft, I know they'll have some kinda of controller over the games prices,
And I like my pc games cheap, specially after they gets old.
Discounts. Offers. Bundles.

Pandamobile2629d ago

Just imagine if Steam became the official "AppStore" of Windows. Well at least the gaming side of it.

A man can dream.

chak_2629d ago

Monopoly isn't good.

Even if for now steam doesn't seems to abuse about it.

jivah2629d ago

would not be a monopoly cause there will be d2d windows live n others..pc is about choooiiiiices :D

even if valve is the only one with an app. still not a monopoly cuz the other companies can easily make one as well...and im pretty sure you can still use their websites

Theo11302629d ago

It strikes me as a strange thing that people before didn't want things installed into their computers, now all of a sudden, they want apps for anything like clocks, and horoscopes. wtf

Derpy2629d ago

While I agree with the above comment that monopoly isn't good, I can't see myself getting too excited about a Windows App store because I extremely dislike GFWL. In fact I recently uninstalled every game that used it so that I could get it off of my PC. LOL

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