A List of Great Games You May Have Missed

Game Podunk blogger, BossEpoch writes, "Before starting I would just like to say that this is not a top ten list in any regard, nor are the games listed in any particular order." Find out what games are recommended and if you played any of these games, tell us if you agree or disagree.

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baker_boi2630d ago

Azure Dreams is definitely one of my Favorite games from the PS1 era. Although it can be short in some aspects; The only goal is to each the top of the tower.

A task easier said than done, but it will become cake at a point.

Sunk hundreds of hours into the game and still play it from time to time these days. Wish they'd put it on the PSN.

BigBoss072630d ago

I have played pretty much every game on that list except for Maijin and Folklore. Some other honorable mentions:

Legend of Dragoon
Xenogears/Xenosaga series
Brave Fencer Musashi
Parasite Eve Series
Star Ocean Series

If we go to the Dreamcast as well:

Skies of Arcadia
Shenmue Series

kramun2630d ago

A selection of mostly Japanese games you may have missed.

CrescentFang2630d ago

I still gotta play Gurumin, I've only listened to the OST lol.