Mass Effect Massively Early Release

Reports are cropping up of advanced sales of Bioware's Mass Effect, with Kmart stores selling it a whole ten days early and copies now appearing on Ebay.

Rules are made to be broken, and apparently so are street dates.

Cheap Ass Gamer (CAG) is reporting that Kmart stores nationwide have broken the November 20th release date for Bioware's Mass Effect by selling the game a whopping ten days early.

The selling snafu was first announced by CAG users uberczar915 and Viper22, who, clutching their shiny new copies of the game in anxious fingers, skipped happily to their computers to brag to the blogsphere about their early purchases. Both scored their copies in Kmarts, with Viper22 reporting his came from the Crofton, MD location.

Some online retailers are also listed as having Mass Effect "in stock," with Walmart, Toys R Us, and NewEgg among those that are causing early salivation.

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RadientFlux4929d ago

I would be rushing out to my local Walmart but since I've already decided that I am going to wait in till my time off before I play Mass Effect.

December 22nd couldn't come soon enough.

Rhezin4929d ago

yah I'm going to buy it Nov 20, but I'm not going to play it till the month of december because after Mass Effect comes out, there ain't nothing coming out till 08.

Silver Bull3t4929d ago

public apology to "TheChosenOne"...

I claimed he was talking smack a day or two ago when he said he was playing a copy he picked up at Kmart.

I believe you now dude!!! So much for the 11/20 shipping date.

So....... is Kmart stocking the CE or just the std. ed.???

MrWonderful4929d ago

its ok man. i probably would had done the same thing if i hadnt seen it with my own eyes

socomnick4929d ago

I wish the kmarts near chicago would sell it but thats not the case either that or they were all sold out.

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The story is too old to be commented.