New Battlefield 3 GIFs Show Insane Lighting Effects

GB : The game is a graphical beast, especially on the PC.

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DarkCharizard_2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Can these grafix beat Crysis 2 dx11 ?? I'd say yes!

kramun2630d ago

Only possible on PC™.

MasterCornholio2630d ago

They all look very nice. Sad that i cant afford a gaming PC so i will have to stick to the PS3 version. Problem is that there are too many good games this season for Consoles so i will have to make my choices carefully. Oh and if TOK is good i will pick it up.

kramun2630d ago

I've got a gaming pc and consoles, and a great job that pays very well. I can afford all the great games I want and play them on whatever system I want. Good for me aye, as a gamer?

Shame about your situation though I suppose, that's unfortunate. Sucks to be you I guess.


MasterCornholio2630d ago

Your a bit harsh but it is true. I wasnt trying to troll with my comment if that was what you were thinking. Anyways once i get my degree in software engineering and a nice job then i can get what i want. But until then i have to live off my parents and make do with my monthly salary.

Machioto2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

This killzone 3 map kinda reminds me of battlefield 3, remember full screen and hd to get what I mean.

pandehz2630d ago

Looks more like a colour graded Crysis 2.

Spenok2629d ago

Man what weapon was he using? I dont remember KZ having weapons that kill that quickly.

On that note this video makes me feel like i missed out on KZ3 mp. I only played it for a little the moved onto something else. (guess thats what happens when your a trophy whore :/)

SonyNGP2630d ago

What's the point of this? The trailer is up on YouTube ffs!

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