How Battlefield 3 managed to steal Modern Warfare 3's thunder

DSOGaming writes: "It’s really funny how things turned out for DICE and Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer. Both companies are talented and have been with us for quite some time. It wasn’t untill recently though when gamers found out the first studio, mainly due to its console version of Battlefield called, Bad Company. In fact… the same can be said about Infinity Ward too since their roots can be found on the PC with the creation of the first Call of Duty game. The only difference is that they moved to consoles way before DICE did."

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NYC_Gamer2606d ago

Very doubtful Mw3 will still sale regardless of nice Bf3 trailers/marketing.Call of duty is just too popular with the everyday gamer.

farhad2k82606d ago

People just got tired of CoD, no ones going over to BF3 because they want more action, if CoD was still a good game then people would have sticked to it, but CoD is getting annoying and old therefore people are running to the next alternative, BF3.

Hurtful but true.

sak5002606d ago

It's sad that sales will definitely favor CODxxxx. However DICE can have a game mode especially for COD crowd where its pure arcade. Small maps, no vehicles, no destruction and runs at 60fps. It can be an XBLA/PSN game but can woo COD crowd to it.

DarkTower8052606d ago

Why is it sad? 2 different games for 2 different playstyles. Cheer up, it's not the end of the world.

SRTold2606d ago

How did battlefield 3 steal modern warfare 3's thunder?

Simple Answer? By making a new game.

How was Modern Warfare 3's thunder stolen?

Simple Answer? By make another expansion for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1

john22606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

This 'battle' really feels like the one between Fifa and PES. It took Konami some time to top EA Sports (and then lost all credibility for giving gamers such bad 'next-gen' versions of PES) but they did make it.

History has proven that everything is possible - and let's be honest, as a gaming experience BF3 seems better. So it's probably only a matter of time. The real question is how DICE and EA will react when their game outsells CoD

Tr10wn2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

lol i got both BF3 and MW3 pre-ordered, last week i got a call reminding me that MW3 will have a midnight launch and a tournament is expected with prices and that i have to be in game stop at 7:00PM, the game launches in nov 8 that almost 2 months from now, about bf3, i call them and ask them about a midnight, they said there is currently no midnight planned for BF3, the game launches in oct 25 2 weeks earlier than MW3, so there you go, the thunderous BF3 doesn't have a midnight planned yet, if you are one of those people that said sale don't equal the quality, well then explain me how a game that is superior on quality and have a lot more advertainment/marketing than MW3 at the moment can't have a planned midnight launch?

FYI L.A. Noire had a midnight event on my store.

That's my lol, BF3 isn't stealing nothing from MW3, all is yet to be seen but from what i'm seeing seems nothing have change.

raytraceme2605d ago

The employee at your gamestop is prob. a dumb cod fanboy lol.

My gamestop has really good employees. the one that helped me a week ago actually said good choice when I switched my mw3 pre order to bf3 lol.

I asked the employee about bf3 midnight launch and he said that since bad company 2 had a midnight launch bf3 will definitely have it as well.

Jack_DangerousIy2606d ago

Ok..... You say that as if just typing "lol" expressed all of that. Surely you can understand my misunderstanding of your point.

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