Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Achievements reveal full roster

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comes out in November but the achievement list is already out and through the already available achievement pictures showcase all the fighters in the new game.

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MakiManPR2603d ago

Full rooster was revealed a LOOOOOONG time ago
even Capcom itself revealed them just check the game's official website

Michael-Jackson2603d ago

Crapcom didn't even bother adding any new modes and more missions? That's what I'm getting from this achievement list.

480 missions - 48 characters, 10 missions each like the 1st one, I'm not impressed Capcom, making it bare bones like the first one.

To top that all characters have 1 costume only with 2 new colors, you have to pre-order and buy the polygons.

Yeah I hate Capcom but I'm still gonna buy it, when there's a price cut of course.

Ddouble2602d ago

Can't wait for ultimate