Opinion: Did we really need a new Madden game this year

An opinion looking at if EA needed to release another Madden game this year.

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Soldierone4219d ago

Nope but people gobbled it up anyways. I'm not bashing the fans, to each his own. However even I am second guessing if I want to buy the NHL game this year or not, the demo had almost nothing new from last year at all...

plumber154219d ago

I am with you on NHL but once I played the demo I thought the AI was a lot better then Past years and the way the players skate is an improvement . The way the puck bounces I thought was different or new , and I was never a be a Pro mode fan but after Playing the demo I really enjoyed it . As for madden after Playing the demo I didn't think there was much of an improvement to warrant a purchase this year or any other year sence 2008 . I think they put a lot more effort in the NHL franchise to improve the game play VS madden .

stephmhishot4219d ago

I agree, but at this point you have to think about how many people would lose jobs if Madden wasn't a regular year thing. Less "manpower", less jobs. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy the game.

frostyhat1234219d ago

Did we really need another article like this?

detroitmademe4219d ago

this years is the best this console generation imo.I think theres alot of room 4 improvement though& at this point i would like 2 see madden have some competition whenever that contract expires.

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