Ambitious Plans: The Marriage of EVE Online and Dust 514

CCP is trying something ambitious -- but that doesn't seem to be making quite the waves it ought to. It is linking its successful MMO, EVE Online, directly and fundamentally into its next game, Dust 514, a console shooter.

Players in EVE and Dust will interact directly. If you play the sci-fi shooter, which will launch on the PlayStation Network as a downloadable game, you will be able to accept mercenary jobs from EVE players, or even join EVE's player-driven corporations. The economies of the games are unified, and the battles fought in Dust will have consequences for the players of EVE who run the corporations that sponsor them.

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kramun2606d ago

They couldn't get EVE to work on there, so they had to do something. It's worked out well, all considering.

Persistantthug2606d ago

I'm not following you.

Can you explain please?

KingofGambling2606d ago

Looking forward to this game even though I never heard of EVE Online.