Do We Need Another Halo?

GoozerNation: "Let's be honest: Halo lost a lot of its luster after Halo 3. Sure ODST and Reach have garnered their following and are still massively popular but it doesn't feel as fresh or fun for me. Judging by some internet forums, it hasn't for some of you either."

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fluffydelusions2629d ago

I hate articles like this. You could this about any game. Do we need a _insert game here_



Do we need another Final Fantasy?

kramun2629d ago

'Do we need another Final Fantasy? '

No. No we don't. The Final Fantasy series is a complete milkathon. They should have left the Final Fantasy name at the door when they released FFXII. After that they should have thought -

'God, how long are we going to go with this?'

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puffkix2629d ago

But this one is a heartwarming tale of a new understanding and a rekindled excitement for what was once a dead love.

Just saying, it's not another article about how we *don't* need another game in a series.

otherZinc2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )


However, we know what this is about: A PS3 Fanatics Nightmare!:

Craig Will demonstrated in his piece the fact that he isn't a Halo fan, nor a Bungie fan. If Mr. Craig were a Bungie fan, (as he lied saying he was) then he'd know there are several members of the Bungie Team working at 343 for the Halo Franchise alone!

Say, Craig; do you want another Resistance game?, you do know Resistance 2 sucked right. Well, next week we get Resistance 3.

Craig; you do know there are 4 or 5 God of War games you can purchase for the PS3, right? Do we need God of War 4?

Craig; you do know there are 50 Ratchet & Clank games right? Do we need 51?

Craig; I can do this all day and none of these games sell like Halo! So "Stand Down"!

Craig, one more thing. You said its losing popularity? How? What was Halo Fest about? Do you think Halo Fest demonstrated the games popularity. Do you think the Halo Universe Books selling great gives you the illusion of waning popularity in the Halo Franchise you ridiculously spoke of?
Well, WTF is it that makes you hate so much you hater?

Absolutely correct with the "HUGE flashing neon sign" comment! That's the quote of the day.

MOTY2629d ago

I was going to say the exact same things you just said...buuuuuttttt knowing this site, facts are not welcomed here so I didn't want to take the chance of the comment being tagged as "troll".

We are getting IP after IP this gen located on the "other" console that are down right horrible...yet we keep getting sequel after sequel. *cough* SOCOM *cough*. (ofcourse on this site Sony can do no wrong and every exclusive PS3 game is a 10/10 and every reviewer has been paid off by MS if it's not and sales =/= demand or popularity of a game of franchise).

Halo is and always will be a fan favorite. From it's books and games, to it's collectables and trailers/short movies. Halo is a franchise where you CAN have a fest in the name of HALO. Many other franchise can't say or do the same thing.

Haters can hate, hold their breath and stop their feet but Halo is here to stay and the haters either have to make peace with it or just keep fighting their hating war...and continue to lose time and time again.

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zeal0us2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Simple Answer
Yes if you like the halo series
No if you don't care for halo

As a whole it doesn't matter long as the series making profit there's always going to be a next installment regardless what ppl think/want unless the company get shutdown &rights aren't sold/never acquire by some other company.

Or company gets acquire and the series get completely forgotten about. Take for Xenosaga for example

Ares842629d ago

I really don't care about Halo but I think as long as there is a demand for it and as long as they can actually evolve the series and release the same game over and over again (like COD) than yeah, there should be another Halo.

towelie12882629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

lol do we need you to stop makeing articles??

Mattlevin2629d ago

of course we do I think of COD, and Halo as fillers something to keep me busy while I wait for my Dead Island, Skyrim, and obviously Half life episode 3.

JimmyJames702629d ago

It's a good article if you bother to read it. He attended the Halo panel at PAX and came away with new feelings on the game.

IronFistChinMi2629d ago

Well he should change the stupid headline.

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