Driver: San Francisco developer calls Ubisoft DRM "quite morally correct"

Ars Technica: Ubisoft has come under quite a bit of fire for its PC ports, including the recent delayed, DRM-laden version of From Dust. Driver: San Francisco, published by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Reflections (formerly Reflections Interactive), was originally slated to carry the same always-on DRM, but has since been changed so that online verification is only required at launch. Even still, the developers behind the game believe that this type of DRM is a necessity for PC games.

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zeal0us2603d ago

Piracy scare really has done a number the gaming industry :(

brish2602d ago

I stopped buying PC games because of DRM.

Ranshak2602d ago

So how do you game then? Console DRM is even worse. You are locked onto that hardware. Few years later when you get the new box you just lose all your games because you can no longer play them on the next box.

steve30x2602d ago

Thats not true. The Xbox 360 I originally played Forza 3 on died so two weeks ago I bought a second hand Xbox 360 and I was able to download all the Forza DLC I had on the last Xbox 360 and I can play Forza 3 on the console I just bought.

Ranshak2602d ago


Do you have any gaurantees your Xbox 360 games will work on the Xbox 720. Essentially the console hardware is the DRM, the thousands of USD worth of sofware you bought so far this gen may be worth scrap as soon as you buy the next box, unless you are willing to keep buying the old console over and over again.

BattleAxe2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )


He's talking about consoles of different generations, not compatibility between current Xbox 360s.


Theres no evidence currently that the PS4 won't play PS3 games and that the Xbox 720 won't play 360 games. If Sony didn't keep the next system backwards compatible, and didn't allow you to access all of the content you've purchase in the Playstation Store while you're using your PS4, then there would be no point to the PlayStation Network.

Last generation was different in that the architecture of both systems had to be completely changed for this generation, and Online gaming and networking was not anywhere near as mainstream as it has been this generation. I predict that Xbox Live purchases and Playstation Network purchases will be playable on the next consoles. One thing is for sure, and its that if you are right, and these new systems aren't backwards compatible, the PS3 will be that last console that I will ever own.

I'm currently so invested into Steam that it wouldn't bother me to stay away from consoles next gen, so either way I'm fine with whatever happens.

Ranshak2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )


Thanks for getting my msg across.

I do have reservations why next console may not support current software, this is because architectures may completely change. You see Current consoles were introduced 6 years back, Tech has changed alot in that time. Inorder to maintain BC Sony and MS will need to maintain the old architecture(which to me seems highly unlikely), Hell it even looks unlikely that Sony will use an Nvidia GPU for their next console, they may be going AMD as well.

Can you imagine the BC nightmare if there is a complete architecture change(which really is needed because whatever they are using right now is severly outdated and if they just die shrink what they have right now you wont be seeing much of a performance boost that way). Imagine if Sony and MS went with the Fusion tech from AMD, they need to be cost effective Fusion seems very viable from that perspective, I cant imagine there being any BC if Fusion makes its way through.

Also think about it, why will they want to give BC? wouldnt they rather people went out bought new software for the new console? Also the ability to sell more remakes? As a business why would they want to for go all of that. They know the fans will probably #@$#@ for afew days but later be ok with it. I doubt they will be launching 600usd+ consoles just to maintain BC.

BattleAxe2602d ago

Well although its pure speculation at this point, I hope you're prediction is wrong. If there is no BC on the PS4, I'll probably just keep my PS3 as a Blu-Ray player until it dies, or I might just put it up for sale and put the money towards a PC in the livingroom with a Blu-Ray player, then just download the Steam client.

hazelamy2602d ago

you get the same issues with pc as well ranshak.
try playing a window 95 game on vista.
or even a dos game.

there are plenty of games that work on older versions of windows that don't on the newest version.

so don't think not being able to play your games on newer machines is an exclusively console phenomenon.

Ranshak2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )


You can play most windows 95 Games even today. You could run Dos games via dosbox(Dos emulator)., trust me most of them run. I personally played old games like Conquest, wrestlemania arcade few months back on dosbox i was amused myself how they were working, Dosbox is now very mature.

With PC you atleast have the option to run such stuff, on console you dont.

Not to mention ever older console games are playable on PC. While console companies drop support and release HD remakes, PC has you covered on every old console game out there(provided you own a license).

brish2601d ago

No DRM on any console has prevented me from playing a game I purchased. I can't say the same for DRM on the PC.

aliengmr2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )


Of course it has, you can't play an Xbox game on ps3.

Not every PC is identical like the consoles. PC is an open platform. I'm not a fan of DRM, but like many things on the PC its only one small hurdle that can be easily overcome.

Console have the worst DRM ever. No Mods. Games that are abandoned by the devs have no hope. On the PC, fans can breathe new life into forgotten games. Can't do that on consoles, M$ and Sony make sure of that.

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steve30x2602d ago

LMAO From Dust was cracked the day it was released. Their DRM doesnt work as well as they want it to. Their DRM only hurts the legitmate buyers rather than pirates. If they didnt change their DRM that was supposed to be in Driver San Fran Cisco I wouldnt buy the game , but with the new DRM I will buy the game. I refuse to buy any game that forces me to have an always online connection.

RedDeadLB2602d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Their games still get cracked with almost no delay. Makes you wonder why they bother.

steve30x2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Settlers 7 took a month to crack. Their DRM is no good. They should stick to having no DRM and then they will sell more games.

The only game I bought so far that has always online connection was Starcraft II , but I didnt realise it was an always online DRM until I played the game. So I hunted down a crack so that I could play my purchased game offline.

Also what happens if one day Ubisoft went bankrupt and their DRM server went offline forever and the DRM never got patched. The consumer woukld lose out big time.

Sprudling2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Because statistics say that games without DRM gets pirated even more. When the choice is between piracy and even more piracy, it's easy to understand why they bother.

Horny Melon2602d ago

So it doesn't ALWAYS need to be on but you need to be on EVERY time you want to play the game....once it's booted up you no longer need to be connected to the internet.........I don't think Ubisoft gets it. Oh well I can't remember the last they made something worth ignoring their bullshit drm to buy.

aliengmr2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

What he just said won't help PC sales at all. Not like Ubisuck makes good PC games anyway. If they are so scared they should just go console only. I certainly wouldn't miss them and it seems they wouldn't miss us, criminal PC gamers, either.

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