I Bought a 3DS Before the Price Drop, and I’m OK with That

"Earlier this week, an article from my colleague Jatosin went up here on Front Towards Gamer. In it, he talked about his buyer’s remorse over purchasing consoles soon after launch when they are still highly priced. This is a response to his article, but it’s also a way to voice my opinion on the whole 3DS price drop."- ChaingunPope

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JoGam2602d ago

LOL at the title. Man If I got one before the price drop, I would be pissed.

klecser2602d ago

I'm not sure why people would be pissed if they enjoyed the system and got quality play out of it early on. I bought mine three weeks before the price drop, immediately before the drop was announced. I'm not angry. I got lots of solid and super fun gaming in during those three weeks. I love my system. I made my decision to purchase at the time that I did, based upon my personal pros and cons. If I didn't think that the 3DS was worth 250 when I purchased it, I never would have done so. But, I purchased it believing that it was worth the 250 I spent at that time and my first three weeks with the system was WAY more fun than I expected it to be. And it still is, two months later.

Being an optimist, I view this as spending 80 bucks for over 60 hours of gaming during that span. That's a cheaper cost per hour than going out to eat, seeing a movie, or practically anything else that could be converted to an hourly cost. It was less than what I would spend doing those other activities. I'm betting that people that purchased earlier than me have even more hours worth of entertainment and got an even bigger value than me.

Of course, this doesn't include any of the free NES games I just got (and will get) that I never played as a kid. Upset? Heck no.

Some people seem to only be capable of seeing the negative side of things.

AdvanceWarsSgt2602d ago

I'm not irate about the price dro p either. Those first 5 months with the system is something I wouldn't have if I did decide to wait.

Plus, I'm a sucker for getting things at launch.

Venox20082602d ago

I don't care that I bought it at lauch, I'm happy, because I bought such a great system... I do enjoy it more and more..