Why Dead Space 3 Should Have Co-Op, Not Multiplayer | The Controller Online

The Controller Online writes: "I can’t be the only one who played the multiplayer in Dead Space 2 and thought “this is ok, but co-op would have been better”. In fact, I know I’m not the only one as every one of my friends who has played the game agrees. I’m not trying to say the multiplayer was bad, by any means, just that it was largely pointless."

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Controversy2601d ago

I actually completely agree that Dead Space 3 should have co-op. I don't know if that means it should forsake the multiplayer though., done correctly, would be incredible.

Quagmire2600d ago

Agreed. Rip out the terrible MP, and add in CO-OP specific MP missions instead.

No Co-op in the SP. A definite no no.

Kyosuke_Sanada2601d ago

And end up being as bad as Resident Evil 5. Leave the campaign solo to keep the scare factor intact.

Kingscorpion19812601d ago

I totally agree with you! Dead Space should stay single player game because of the scare factor.

kingeliran2601d ago

NO. Co-op in Horror survival games Sucks! i mean look at resident evil 5 it ruined the game!, you lose all the lonely feel, co-op is the worst idea ever!

people needs to take it that in exchange of co-op been implanted into a single player game Alot of features and stuff will need to be scrafice in order for it to work proper.. anyway worst i dea ever!

peteonline2601d ago

There are lots of games that include co-op that don't have to change anything major in order to have it.

You also wouldn't HAVE to play it co-op, if you like playing alone, then play alone. But for the people who enjoy co-op, it would be available to them.

Rhezin2601d ago

good I'm glad people are sane enough to admit multiplayer should not be in a story-driven single player game. Like bioshock 2, YUCK! Though I would not mind couch co-op. THOUGH IT HAS TO BE DONE PERFECTLY and NOT interfere with gameplay/pacing/storyline.

Son_Lee2601d ago

Co-op would ruin horror! UNLESS it is OPTIONAL! Or separate from the campaign a la Portal 2. Now, if it was an open-world horror title, like Dead Island, that's a different story. But no, don't go the way of Resident Evil. Dead Space has managed to scare me from time to time; you don't get that this gen!

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