Meet the Skullgirls, The Next Generation of PSN Fighters

PlayStation Blog: Skullgirls is more than just a PSN fighting game, it’s the realization of two peoples’ long-held dreams… seriously! Creative director Alex “o_8” Ahad has been working on the characters and story since he was in high school, and project lead Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont had been working on a fighting game engine in his free time since 2008. When mutual friends introduced them to each other, Skullgirls was born. Joining the recently founded Reverge Labs team in 2010, they signed with publisher Autumn games, and at E3 Konami announced that it will be distributing Skullgirls.

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tarbis2629d ago

Interesting game. I've always been a fan of japanese all girls doujinshi fighting game. This one looks fun.

contra1572629d ago

Interesting, going to keep my eye out for this one