Top 10 Hottest Gamer Girls Of 2007

The hottest gamer girls of 2007...hit the jump! Enjoy

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wangdiddy824933d ago

i got a BJ in this gamer chciks ride one night.. I met her on myspace thats right you know you all met a chick on there before and she use to go to some computer place to play counter strike..

Gamer chicks are freaky and she was pretty damn hott too..

Charlie26884933d ago


and Becky Young is F-ING hot, in her vids she is always ultra flirtatious, in Comicon she dressed up as Emma Frost and was blatantly flirting with every one XD

d3l33t4933d ago

can you say, tasteless?

GIJeff4933d ago

not a fan of the ladies? anyways, i dont care, my wifes way hotter and she plays tekken. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.