Sony's PlayStation Vita Won't Outsell the PSP

First off, I’m a huge Sony fan despite anything contrary implied by the title of this post. In fact, I’m more excited for Sony’s PlayStation Vita (PSV) than for any other handheld game device ever. I fully plan on picking one up the day of release and playing until either my thumbs bleed on the awesome dual analog sticks or my wife starts threatening violence. Yet, despite my personal enthusiasm, I can’t ignore the fact that the PSV is entering a market vastly different—and dangerously more competitive—than the PlayStation Portable (PSP) entered in 2005.

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dangert124474d ago

Psp mainly sold well due to being hackable i reckon vita's games will sell better then psp games

jimineyscrickets4474d ago

I hope Vita's games sell better than PSP's did.

Also, as someone looking forward to the PSV, I still have to agree with the author as much as I don't want to :(

Controversy4474d ago

@ jiminey

I was ready to get my "Nerd Rage" on as the article mentions...but after reading it....

he makes a good argument. Still gonna love me a PSV when it comes out. Can't wait!

DarkCharizard_4474d ago

How much ever it sells, it will still be at the mercy of 3DS

gameplayingfool4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

@ DarkCharizard

From your name I'm guessing you are a huge Msoft fan, right? (just a little sarcasm for ya, you wouldn't be biased at all, would you?) haha

Actually, i would argue that both the 3DS and PSV are at the mercy of iPhone 5 and next-gen android devices.

As the author points out: "Competition from Apple and Google devices has been strong enough that Nintendo lowered the price of the 3DS within six months of launch. Even more revealing, Nintendo stockholders are supposedly pressuring the company to sell games based on classic Nintendo characters on other mobile platforms. "

TheDareDevil4474d ago


He's actually a Nintendo Fanboy.

OT: The PSVita has stiff competition and with mobile gaming on the rise, it's going to be tough to sell a good number of units. Uptil now, Sony seems to be doing only right with this system. But, when I'm on the go I prefer to kill 5 mins with doodle jump, than Uncharted or a game that requires you to invest a certain amount of time to play it.

The Xbox360 and the PS3 will probably be cheaper than the Vita at this point.
Many people buy a handheld but play it at their homes most of the time, so it's definitely going to be a dedicated handheld experience only.

Controversy4474d ago

Perhaps one needs to read the piece before commenting? A lot of that going on by looks of the comments.

sphinct4474d ago

Never bought a PSP..but I DEF want a PSV! I hope I have the money cuz I want an iPhone 5 as well.

MaxXAttaxX4474d ago

I get that the casual market matters, but why are people riding its d***? The PSV wasn't designed for the app obsessed phone casuals. It's designed for gamers. What the hell do phones have to do with it? It's as stupid as saying "cars will have a hard time selling to those who want bikes".

Biggest4474d ago

The author makes a strange assumption. Why would Apple/Google devices change anything in the handheld gaming world? People aren't buying the iPod/iPad to play Zelda and Mario. People weren't buying the 3DS to play Zelda and Mario either (because they weren't there when it launched). Pilotwings, Nintendogs and cats, Steel Diver, and a bunch of games that you can get elsewhere for cheaper are not going to sell systems. It had nothing to do with other non-gaming devices.

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LOGICWINS4474d ago

I agree with the author, the Vita currently has more competition in the portable gaming market than the PSP did when it first came out. Examples are iphone/ipad/itouch/smartphones in general(just because N4G thinks these devices aren't "real" gaming machines doesn't mean the rest of the world feels the same way), 3DS, PSP Go, PSP 3000 etc.

But I think Vita software will sell much better than PSP software from what I've seen so far.

baker_boi4474d ago

Don't see how you came to the conclusion that people started buying iPhones/iPads because they're high profile gaming devices and not because of them being computer phones.

The crowd that buys the most iPhones aren't the people who buys the majority of video games on consoles and is totally a different market.

The people who buy iPhones are the same tech savvy or hipster bastards that thought the Wii was innovative but weren't in anyway interested in playing any REAL games the system had to offer.

Two totally different markets that the Vita and iPhone is aimed at. If you were ever counting on them to ever buy the Vita, the iPhone would have to not exist and the Vita would need to be what the iPhone is, minus playing video games.

It'd also need to cost $500 on launch.

For example try and sale a 40 to 50 year old business man/woman a device with two analong sticks and 8 buttons. That shit just aint gonna happen.

It's built different because its appeal is reaching towards a difference audience. Neither of these devices will stop each other from being bought. Simply because it's like the PS2 trying to over take the entire PC business.

pangitkqb4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

@ baker_boi

I'm a business man with an iPhone 4 and Tablet. I fully plan on purchasing a PSV. The idea that iPhones and tablets only appeal to one crowd and dedicated handhelds like the PSV or 3DS only appeals to another is laughable. I'm living proof, as are my companions in my office, that your assertion is incorrect.

The biggest problem is simply money. I'm lucky enough to afford a new iPhone, a tablet AND a PSV. Most others aren't, and considering that, contrary to what you said, many people like me are interested in all of these items, they will have to choose. That's where competition is a problem for Sony's newest, even though it is going to be totally awesome.

TruthBTold4474d ago

I just don't see people buying phones or tablets with gaming in mind. If that was the issue than home consoles would have been affected by pc gaming. While they can do similar jobs tablets are not designed primarily for gaming. I don't thin a parent looking for a portable gaming device for their kid would buy them a 400 - 500 tablet over a 150 - 250 ps vita or 3ds. An adult who happens to purchase a tablet with other uses in mind might download a few games but they most likely aren't core gamers to use it as their only gaming device and there wouldn't even spend too much on games or have a huge collection of games so just how much can studios sell to a casual gamer like that. I also doubt a core gamer would get everything they want in gaming from a tablet or smartphone, I sure can't. I would have a home console or ps vita or 3ds for gaming the way I need to. Have you seen the games for tablets? I was looking the other day for a game for my itouch and there was nothing interesting. I have angry birds and the oregon trail and some put put golf game which I can really only game when I have nothing else available as I am waiting for the vita but they are quite boring. Causal gaming is one thing which tablets and smartphones can satisfy but not much to make from sales of the games. Just like wii sold so many units and the only core games purchased are the marios and zeldas and metroids as all else made by 3rd parties have not sold as well. When sony. Made the psp and vita I don't see how anyone could think it was a product directed at the casual gamer as they don't tend to buy too many games and don't play often. They we're designed for the core gamer who buys more games and spends more time gaming so they need equipment designed for gaming. Maybe later in the future tablets and smartphones can offer a deeper gaming expeirence and attract the core gamers but for now they are only for casual gamers, if they can be called that.

baker_boi4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )


One exception to the rule doesn't mean the rule is broken.

And really you're no exception at all if you read what I said. You'd just fall under the tech savvy group that just buys everything just because.

There are reasons items have certain looks and are marketed to appeal to certain groups. You and your "office friends" may buy them all just because your pockets are full, but that doesn't mean you don't have a perfered item.

You buy the Vita because it plays games, your iPad and iPhone already does everything else (and possibly things the Vita CAN'T) so why are you arguing the point?

The fact still stands that the ones who are going to buy the Vita are not going to go to the store and on the same day be stumped by the decision of whether they'll buy the iPhone instead.

It's the purpose of the device not the poorness of the individual. If it just all came down to whether they could buy them or not every body in the world would have every device ever created if they could afford to.

Your point is kind of moot.

pangitkqb4474d ago


If you are telling me that an iPhone 4 has no appeal to someone who would be interested in a PSV than we'll just have to agree to disagree. ;)

And I wish you the best. Game on.

sphinct4474d ago


You make some major assumptions there and I question their accuracy. My favorite:

"The people who buy iPhones are the same tech savvy or hipster bastards that thought the Wii was innovative but weren't in anyway interested in playing any REAL games the system had to offer."

Really? I love my iPhone and my Wii. Same with the guy in the cube next to me, we talk about them all the time. Oh, haha, I'm not a "hipster" by any means.

Biggest4474d ago

Why do you guys pick select words from an argument and add your personal experience as if that changes reality? Obviously there will be people that are interested in both an iPad and a PSV. There is a very, VERY small group of people that will expect the iPad to be their dedicated gaming machine. There is an even smaller group of people that will want a PSV, but opt for an iPad because they think it's better for gaming. The fact is that the PSV is made for gaming first and foremost. It will be marketed as such and will perform as such. The iPad and similar devices are not in direct competition. The people that embrace the gaming capabilities of the iPad and similar devices as good enough are probably not as interested in gaming as people that care about the PSV or similar products.

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fluffydelusions4474d ago

Don't have a PSP but will buy a PSV

JoGam4474d ago

The Vita will outsell the PSP in my house, thats for sure.

-LUKE_SKYWALKER-4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

I agree with the hack thing but what makes you think that the Vita might not get hacked?

Marceles4474d ago

I don't agree with the article. There might be a lot more portable devices, but I know there's a lot of people who are buying a Vita that didn't a get a PSP. Also, it doesn't look like the 3DS has as much momentum as the original DS had.

The other thing is that NO portable device will replace a dedicated gaming device. I don't know why people make these articles act like someone will say "I have an iPhone/iPad...why do I need a Vita??".

The 3DS is still the Vita's competition, and by looking at it, it looks like Sony is learning their lesson from the PSP, taking the Vita launch more seriously, cheaper price, and the 3DS has taken a hit with its launch.

jimineyscrickets4474d ago

I have to disagree on a financial basis.

A guy that needs a new "do it all phone" will likely be interested in a new iPhone 4 (or 5 soon) or a high-end Android. He NEEDS the phone, but with the cost of the iPhone and the plan to go with it, well,that is a major chunk of change.

He's a guy on a budget - as most of us are - and needs a phone while only yearns for a Vita. Yup, I said Yearn, cuz that i how much I personally want one.

The person out there that want's a tablet, a phone, a 3DS and a Vita (like me) but can't afford them all (like me) has to make a choice. Period.

Patrick4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

I disagree with your "Financial basis". If you need a phone then you are not in the market for any true game device and are not even gonna consider a gaming device, your buying a phone, to even look at a device that isnt a phone would be stupid cause you need a phone. But if your buying a games device mostly for playing games, your arent gonna pick a phone that just happens to play some games. This whole argument is stupid, The PS Vita is for gamers that want a games device, Sony sells Tablets and phones and computers as well and if they want to compete with apple its those devices that will compete. The Vita is a handheld gaming device first and foremost, if you arent planning on playing games, guess what... Dont Buy the Vita, it will waste your money as you wont use it. If all you want are free or cheap casual games, dont buy the Vita, buy a tablet or phone... but if you want games on a gaming device... look at Vita or 3DS.

I have a smart phone and angry birds... lol but I will buy a Vita as I want a dedicated gaming device for on the go. My phone, just doesn't do it for me. Neither does the ipad or any tablet. The Vita is a luxury and Sony knows this, if your on a tight budget, it was not for you in the first place.

BubbleSniper4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

everyone was once praising the PSV.. now everyone is dooming it before it launches out the gate. sick of the hypocrites that break out their harvey dents when no one is looking.

Protagonist4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

Exactly and the PSP is still selling well. in fact so much that it manages to outsell most home consoles in JP.

It is also in direct competition with the next gen Nintendo handheld which leads me to think PS VITA will do excellent.

Edit: Anyway, dudes like me will buy PS VITA no matter what !

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pat_11_54474d ago

I tend to agree with this author, it's also what analysts have been saying since the system announced. The system simply won't sell as well as the PSP. That doesn't mean it will be a failure though, there will always be a niche for dedicated gaming handhelds.

Godchild10204474d ago

The system is not out yet, so no one can tell for sure.

The second things is, the Vita does a hell of a lot more than the PSP. I expect it to sell more and I also expect people to play it more than the PSP. It will sell well and at some point overtake the PSP. The games are what help a console sell and sometimes what the console can do for the player. The Vita has a lot of punch and a lot of software coming out.

When COD and If battlefield comes on the vita, they will push consoles. A lot more if you can play a game with your friends that are at home on their PS3. Cross Platform play.

supremacy4474d ago

Exactly, I firmly believe the vita is destined to outsell the psp in its lifetime. I mean its obvious things have changed, to ignore this is stupid. Psp and the rest of the dedicated portable platforms sell well in japan despite the massive cell phone uptake in that region. However...

The vita is build with this change in mind, development is easier and cheaper, the platform has more positives to it than the psp and launching in Japan I am sure will get many to try an inport the thing in the hundreds for sure.

Look I get people who waste their time to pm me about this very same argument. Yeah we have smartphones that offer cheaper gaming experiences around, yeah things are different, but what does not change is the value of a gaming platform and the perception/concept behind it. You have fragmentation when it comes to phone gaming, and though I get its not about the phones themselves as it is the O.S platform behind them. I also get that for the common person a single gaming platform is a lot easier to chose from. Its either vita or 3DS, not a nexus, droid, iphone or whatever else they decide to put cripple gaming experiences on.

Hate it or love it, the pcs been around longer than the consoles where similar arguments would accur and yet here we get pc dying articles from time to time instead.

What I feel most of this media people need to come to terms with is the essence of what a gamer is and what they preffer, then look at what a device made specifically for them aka a gaming console is before wasting their time with baseless argumegants.

I realize there are those looking for a bargain and preffer cheaper games, and thats fine but how does that stop people from buying traditional gaming devices and games? I dont understand any of it.

I am writing off my phone now, but my ps3 is next to my tv as we speak.

When the vita arrives you bet I am getting one and something like angry birds will quickly become an after thought.

gustave1544474d ago

don't forget GTA. San Andreas Stories will be so epic