Top 5: NES games ready for 3D -

Extra Guy: Nintendo is going to let some people down with the 3D Classics lineup on the 3DS without question, because there’s no way the system’s 800 games can all feasibly be remade the way Excitebike was. That being said, it’s fun to dream.

There are so many games to imagine in 3D, but we’ve plucked five out we feel would really benefit from the added dimension. We purposely avoided mainstay series’ like Castlevania, Mega Man and Super Mario Bros. due to their better-than-average chance at getting the treatment. We also limited the selection to NES titles, since so far that’s all that we’ve seen get the treatment. Maybe Nintendo will expand the selection to titles from other systems in the future, but that’s another list for another day.

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Venox20082629d ago

Punch out
Felix Cat
Mighty final fight
Ninja gaiden series
Contra, Super contra
Metroid (but would be better GBA Metroid: zero mission and Super metroid, Metroid fusion) :)

Tuxedo_Mask2629d ago

If there is any NES game that is ready for 3D it's Rad Racer.