Tales of Xillia Will Feature An Arena

The last time we got a scan we learned about new past Tales heroes costume DLC. We have another new scan today and while it doesn't feature much in the way of new information there is something hidden in it that fans of previous entries in the series will enjoy.

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tiffac0082628d ago

Yes, yes! Good, good!

Now can we please get a western release date? Come on Bamco my money is waiting for you! D:

BubbleSniper2628d ago

i hope it comes stateside. it looks better than than the last few tales games, ToD:DC aside! Tales of destiny Directors Cut is one of the BEST Tales games period. Zillia looks really promising too and I hope it makes it here, if not... I will feel emotional pain

NewMonday2628d ago

Famitsu gave it a 39/40 a better score than the last 5-6 Tales games.

Sunhammer2628d ago

Best Tales in the franchise according to Famitsu. It'd be a shame if they kept this in Japan. Good to know that it is also the most pre-ordered Tales of all time. Will likely cross a million in less than 2 weeks.

People need to bomb their Twitter and send them emails about bringing it to North America.

Redempteur2628d ago

Like almost every Tales of since Eternia ?

AdamJensen2628d ago

...And this is something new?