Diablo 3 Beta Invites Are Being Outed Now As We Speak

TechNoid writes: "We just got visual confirmation that the Diablo 3 beta is a go."

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OcularVision2603d ago

i keep refreshing my inbox and im getting nothing. this must mean its for media only... or blizzard hates me. idk

majiebeast2603d ago

All the beta invites going to wow addicts i bet.

BubbleSniper2603d ago

son of a bitch. I opted to get into the beta sometime early last year!

I stopped playing WoW right before Cata came out.. wtf.. I guess you still have to be playing WoW to get an invite?

this stinks. the only beta I have wanted to get into all year and I can't get into it :((((((((

MrGunny942603d ago

Nope... i play wow didn't got nothing

Twilightx72603d ago

Blizzard has already confirmed this news to be fake. Beta invites will begin to go out after they've actually announced that the Beta has started, and no sooner than that. Don't get your panties in a bunch, it won't be a surprise when it actually starts happening.