official launch trailer of Happy Hills

To celebrate the upcoming release of its captivating physics-based puzzle game Happy Hills on September 15, 2011, dreamfab, the premium mobile game publisher, has posted the official launch trailer.

The primary goal of the game is to remove the nasty blocks from the Happy Hills' heads by placing bombs. For the initial release, the title will feature one game mode, where the player is given a limited number of bombs in each level to free the hills – further game modes are already planned. To solve a level perfectly and earn precious stars, the blocks also need to be destroyed. Each block type has its own character and specific weaknesses for the players to discover. The result is a clever combination of casual gaming fun and brain-teasing puzzle solving: Only players who learn how the various blocks behave and how to use each level's terrain to the best effect will be able to collect all stars. Special levels featuring boss blocks up the ante at the end of each region.

The firs...

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