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Newsman2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Embed you noob, your killing the trailer.

deadpoole2604d ago

A breath of fresh air ... this game is gonna be awesome.

Convas2604d ago

LOL, EA trying to muscle in on the COD hype.

This is quite fun.

Come on EA, don't stop now, we wouldn't mind seeing a new map (or two).

Dart892604d ago

Lol that's what i was thinking when i saw this trailer
people get hyped for cod then EA comes out and steals some of that hype with their awesome game:P.

latinalover2604d ago

who cares. i want the beta. they said the beta will be release this weekend

iamnsuperman2604d ago

They also said the single player was going to be 12 hours but now is just over six. Just saying. There seems to be a lot of miss communication.

godslayer4292604d ago

lmao this is way better than the 4 minute MW3 trailer XD BF3 FTW

Septic2604d ago

After watching that trailer, I'm kicking myself for pre-ordering the other pack where you get extra outfits. Bah!

Nevermind- I'll have to succumb to downloading the DLC when its made available.

Also yes, this little trailer merks COD MW3's lol.

Caleb_1412604d ago

The PWP will be released to everyone at a later date :) So if you didn't pre-order from the select retailers that offer the PWP like me then you don't have to worry.

raWfodog2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

It looked similar to MW3 trailer with the soldier running through the level though, didn't it?

I'm not saying it wasn't action-packed or good but, tell the truth, it was similar.

Looking forward to both but BF3 a little more :)

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Yangus2604d ago

True,its cool.
But one probleme,this video again high-end pc.Not console.

latinalover2604d ago

how do u know? do u have proof that it was a PC?

Convas2604d ago

Dude, are you freaking kidding me? What else do you think that footage was? PS3? Xbox 360? Give me a break, that was PC footage, through and through.

All of DICE's official trailers have been PC footage.

RaptorGTA2604d ago

If that was console footage Im pretty sure we'd hear a large thud echo across the world...that would be the sound of every gamer fainting and hittin the ground.

Still a great trailer.

Organization XII2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Who gives a shit, consoles suck, and they'll never be as mighty as PCs! Battlefield 3 PC FTW, console kiddies better stay hanged to that Activision shitty excuse of an FPS. lol i love you ppl

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