Throwing Knives are Back in Modern Warfare 3

It's been confirmed that Throwing Knives are coming back in Modern Warfare 3.

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xtremexx2630d ago

cool, more bank shots for me

Criminal2630d ago

I love getting long rang bank shots.

Here's my montage:

Hitman07692630d ago

well shit they better fuckin be!!!

ladybug72630d ago

ofcourse their back... its mw2 with new maps...

superrey192630d ago

Lol coming back? They never left!

e-p-ayeaH2630d ago

Its amazing how many articles you can do by just watching a trailer.

Criminal2630d ago

I'm glad your impressed.

Relientk772630d ago

Idr how annoying it was in MW2 honestly lol, in Black Ops it wasnt that bad, so I guess we'll c

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