Five things you didn't know about 'Resistance 3'

Brett Molina writes:Next week, the tale of the Chimera's invasion of Earth resumes with Resistance 3, the first-person shooter for PlayStation 3.

The game follows Joseph Capelli, one of a handful of humans hiding out in the Midwest who makes a cross-country trek to destroy the Chimera.

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zerocrossing3475d ago

So Nathan Hale won't be coming back? :/

GoldenPheasant3475d ago

I thought at the end of r2 ... Ahhh I wont spoil it.

josephayal3475d ago

Def the best game of this gen by far

Flashwave_UK3475d ago

cod cokie cutter no *smh*

blackburn103475d ago

That's fine but you guys could have a least have given him a better death. Being shot in the head like he was a rabid dog wasn't a very honorable or dignified

kneon3475d ago

Actually I really liked the ending

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3475d ago

I knew all that stuff.

Can somebody say 4 days?

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