Why Trophies/Achievements are Pointless

Is it worth getting trophies/achievements? Discover three reasons why it's not in our newest Unpopular Opinion article!

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GasTankKiller2630d ago

Why do people always need to find ways to hate on Trophies and Achievements. These articles types of articles are pointless. If you don't like trophies and achievements that's fine. No one is forcing you to play.

Trophywhore2630d ago

I used to hate on acheievements, but now I see why MS fanboys loved them so much. They are a necessary feature for every game now and have you a decent reward for completing difficult tasks in games. I honestly dont know why I ever tried to get 100 completion before they existed.

MaxXAttaxX2629d ago

Torphies/achievements are nothing but bragging rights that most of your friends don't bother looking at. BUT they do entice the player to do certain actions and play the game in a slightly different way that they normally would(on some games at least) possibly leading to more immersion.

guitarded772629d ago

For someone like me who's OCD, trophies/achievements can be good and bad. They're good, because if I like a game, trophies/achievements offer replayability and can force me to play a game differently offering a new experience (Ex. Demon's Souls, Infamous, Bethesda RPGs, Mass Effect, etc). That said, my OCD nature sometimes has me playing games that suck just to get those shiny trophies/achievements (Ex. Terminator Salvation). I don't go for trophies/achievements for bragging rights, I do it because it's fun and offers some sort of standard by which I can compare myself to find friends with similar gaming interests. All of my gaming friends from N4G have similar interests in games and our trophy/achievement scores reflect that. Besides the OCD crap argument above I see trophies/achievements as nothing but a good thing.

BeOneWithTheGun2629d ago

I only go for the ones in games I like. Ho hum games I could care less. When I pop in Infamous, Gears or Uncharted I go for every single one. I enjoy hearing the sound, I enjoy the feeling I get when I accomplish a task in a game I enjoy playing and I enjoy looking at my gamercard and reliving them. It's a sense of accomplishment.

It would be like NOT giving out trophies at sporting competitions. No ribbon or cup. Can you imagine if after the NHL finals they just said, "Playing the game is your reward?" Screw that, give me that cup!

pipipi2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

well, i do like trophies/achivements, why? well i think is very satisfying when friends says "OMG do you have the gadamn achivent/trophy!!! i hate you" i remmeber when i got the ninja gaiden sigma 2 platinum trophy, and the demons souls one, one guy on PSHOME (one of the less real gamers on it) said AAAAASSSSSSHHHIIITTTT THATS IMPOSIBLE NGS2 IS SOOOOOOOOOOO HARD MAN CONGRATULATIONS, and i was flattered as helll i feeled like idk when santa claus send me my gi joe fortress....hard to explain lol
NGS2 took me about 7 months or more to achive... so it wasnt funny -_-

hkgamer2626d ago

Big reason why some trophies/achievements are great...

Trophies/achievements were mainly designed for hardcore gamers that complete games over and over again and try to master the whole game, such as not dying once or getting to lvl 99 on a JRPG...

I completed FFVIII without leveling a single character.... that was a thrilling experience for myself but I had hope there was an achievement/trophy that would acknowledge that I did it.

Pikajew2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I never play games for achievements or trophies. Devs put the so people play their game more.

Rhythmattic2630d ago

Still , Nothing wrong with that..... it keeps "me" coming back

MrBeatdown2629d ago

Me too. Because I have fun unlocking them. It's gaming. Basically, it's all pointless, outside of having fun. More ways to have fun in a game is nothing but a good thing.

GasTankKiller2630d ago

Nothing wrong with replay value in a game regardless of the reason your replaying it for.

Trophywhore2630d ago

So you want to play games less? Why even game at all?

TenSteps2630d ago

Well some people don't need trophies or achievements to want to complete a game 100%.

And back then some of the devs made unlocking stuff a reward for going through all the little objectives now the only reward are the trophies and achievements.

Yes most were a bit silly but I appreciated those unlockables from Jak 2 and all the other games that provided them.

MaxXAttaxX2629d ago

Well Jak 2 was a Naughty Dog game and as far as I know, they still do that with the Uncharted games, letting you unlock several things.

TenSteps2629d ago

But other games pre-trophy/achievements did that not just Naughty Dog. Hell you can look at God of War as an example. 1 & 2 at least had some unlockable costumes but when 3 came either you pre-ordered or you waited until it was for sale.

knifefight2630d ago

Pointless but when people unlock them the brain releases endorphins so it feels good. Therefore, some people like them. Just science, man.

kramun2630d ago

'but when people unlock them the brain releases endorphins'

Is that a medical fact?

mr_epsym_knird2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Happiness is linked to endorphins and s/exercise. :D

Not sure if it's worth it though when getting those trophies/achievements would put you up through a ton of stress and frustrations.

kramun2630d ago

I probably get quite a few endorphins released then because I like sex quite a lot. Certainly moreso than trophies.

Can you catch them, like pokemon? Like, can I fill a jar with them and charge my neighbours to look at them?

My neighbours are quite boring people, I don't think they have a lot of sex, we have paper thin walls and we never hear a grunt. They haven't got ps3s either.

Their endorphins count must be quite low.

MidnytRain2630d ago

People have fun getting trophies and achievements. If having fun is pointless, then I wonder why the author plays video games.

Peaceful_Jelly2630d ago

I was about to write this exact same thing.

bub162630d ago

I like the fact of having trophies/achievements, when i really get into a game i like to beat the game every way the developer made, trophies/achievements making it harder then just following a story line and completing it

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