Arkham City 'wouldn't be fun' with Batmobile

Batman: Arkham City is an open-world game without a car, and many have expressed disappointment at the lack of a Batmobile. But Rocksteady say it wouldn't be much fun to drive around this tattered, rubble-infested city anyway...

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princejb1342606d ago

i agree, its more fun climbing up buildings and gliding around the city

Cpt_kitten2606d ago

ummm yes it would....but then again they put catwoman in the game as someone you HAVE to play soooo yeah

MidnytRain2606d ago

Depends on how they designed the world. Unless the streets are open and relativley flat, it's not gonna work.

Baka-akaB2606d ago

Best no to , either way . It's tricky to add driving in a game that isnt at all about it .

The vehicule can easily be too clunky and a pain to drive , or too realistic based . Not to mention that the missions with it themselves can be just boring

bumnut2606d ago

If done well it could have been a cool addition to the game.

ladybug72606d ago

i trust their judgement, arkham asylum was really fun and i bet arkham city will be 10 times more fun

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