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Drew Leachman Writes: The Netherworld can be a rather daunting place. Demons run amok, humans are forced into hard labor to make up for their sins, and the government is sometimes run by child figureheads. Well, at least that’s what it’s like in the Disgaea Netherworld. Get ready to be thrust into the politics of the afterlife in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

The story revolves a vampire Prinny instructor named Lord Valvatorez and his werewolf assistant, Fenrich. Valvatorez has given up drinking blood and now eats sardines (since they have all the nutrients he needs for vampire powers.) He and Fenrich are trying to stop a government issued Prinny massacre that is taking place in the Netherworld, all because Valvatorez promised all Prinnies one sardine a piece and he can never break a promise. Along the way, they meet assassins, the president’s only son, a human girl who believes she’s really just in a dream, and a ton of other kooky characters. This is all in the first couple of hours.

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callahan092606d ago

Damn! That's a fantastic score.

leahcim2606d ago

great score, standar review...

FrustratedFury2606d ago

What, pray tell, would make it a "non-standard" review?

Cablephish2606d ago

This game has been getting a lot of great scores lately.
Glad I pre-ordered it. People are saying it's the best one in the series.