Resistance 3 Review Live 6 September

NowGamer: "Sony has revealed the embargo date for Resistance 3 reviews, so remember to check back on Tuesday 6 September at 6AM for our verdict on the game."

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ElDorado2603d ago

So the 2 czech Resistance 3 reviews (both 9/10) are fake after all. Already thought so, but I did hope they would be real, great scores after all. I already know what is going to happen, if this game doesn't score as high as Resistance 2, fanboys are going to trash it. Resistance 2 had better scores than Resistance, but still Resistance FoM was the better game. If this game won't score as good as Resistance 2, that doesn't mean the game is inferior. Resistance 3 is going to be a great game whether it scores a 80 on metacritic or 90.. doesn't matter.

ksense2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

chill bro. you are looking too much into it. if you like the game buy it just like I am going to because I love the story and the unique weapons in this game. the early reviews may not be fake because there are some that do break embargoes and some just got a hold of an early copy and post a review. anyways insomniac tweeted they got a 34/40 (9/8/8/9) in the famitsu magazine i think so that is a good sign.

Lubu2603d ago

Even though there is an embargo in place, a website or magazine might get special permission from the Publisher to post earlier.
It may be to create some extra buzz, or it might be because the they gave a higher than expected score.
It could just be that some sites might say "screw it", and post early for the extra hits

Ravens202603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Most people don't like the MP due to the annoying stupid perks/killstreaks they decided to put in. So it makes sense why they don't want to show the review scores until then.

Holeran2603d ago

They also have already said that classic mode MP is available from day 1. No perks or killstreaks.

Ravens202603d ago

Really? Nice, might consider buying it then! lol

JoGam2603d ago

With Black Ops selling MILLIONS with perks, I don't see how "Perks" will stop anyone from buying a game.

Ravens202603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Except for the fact that, R3's perks and killstreaks are a nuisance more than anything. Black Ops perks are tolerable. I don't think I can play a game that has invisible enemies and OP Assault Shields for more than a few weeks without snapping the game in half.

Especially when most of the cloaked players are going to be hiding in a little corner waiting for people to pass by to boost their little precious killstreak.

Seriously, why does insomniac even bother putting these stupid OP killstreaks and perks. They're not innovative, just annoying. Game would've been perfect without them.

ginsunuva2603d ago

They took out the best weapons, the best characters, the best setting, and the best art style.

R3 will probably end up in the mid 80s.

Sevir042603d ago

I cannot wait for this game to drop! Aside from the perks The multiplayer aspect plays every bit as good as Fall of Man! I'll be hitting up the classic hardcore mode for this game! :-) IT BRINGS Resistance back to the glory days of FoM! The graphics for the Multiplayer is great! it aint Killzone 3/2 but its very great better than what has been shown for MW3 as far as multiplayer graphics go! But for me, I'll be in the story first and then the Multiplayer!

Viva La Resistance! Goooooo Insomniac!

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