Bethesda "doubt" they'd work with third-party devs on Elder Scrolls

Fallout: New Vegas was developed not by Bethesda, but by Obsidian. But this isn’t likely to be something they’d do post-Skyrim with The Elder Scrolls, says Bethesda’s Pete Hines, explaining that New Vegas was “a really unique opportunity”.

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Dovahkiin2607d ago

Good, it'd ruin the game. The style of quests and everything in the world has a certain feel and third-party devs would take that away.

lelo2play2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Don't agree. Obsidian did a good job with Fallout New Vegas.

If it's only Bethesda working on Elder Scrolls DLC's or new games... it will take more time to be released.

Dovahkiin2607d ago

I was talking about The Elder Scrolls, as it says in the title. I feel the same about FNV. Why be impatient about development time? The more time spent the higher the quality (in most cases).