Call of Duty 3 images

Activision released this two batches of images of Call of Duty 3, one from the Xbox 360 version, the other from the PS3 one.

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clayton5861d ago

They both look about the same! I am glad my 399.99 xbox 360 can output the same graphics as a 599.99 POS3!

Bishop5861d ago

That defines the 360 up until this point in time now doesn't it. I am sorry that you are in the same boat as me and are not being entertained by your 360 "which is why you are on this site talking bad about a console that doesn't even exsist yet". Whether you belive it or not in many people eyes the 360 has not lived up to what many of us thought it would be and now its the Wii and the PS3's turn to try and do better.

Jay da 2KBalla5861d ago (Edited 5861d ago )

bishop I disagree. And how do you know that he owns a 360 anyway. hmm. Whether you believe it or not many people think the 360 is excellent and you can hate on it all you want but it wont change the fact that its a fine piece of hardware with great games and many more to come.

xbox360migs5861d ago

They both look the same to me, I agree with #1 comments, and why bother spending more on the ps3 with games from what I have seen so far do not excite me as much as forthcoming 360 titles, I've not seen anything on PS3 yet that looks far superior yet and before anyone says it - I'm only interested in posting on this article not because i'm dissatified with my xbox and need Sony fulfillment but because I'm just interested in developements across all gaming platforms. Anyhow I got my media center to work with the xbox last night and now I can watch freeview on my Xbox, how cool is that! will the ps3 do it!

DJ5861d ago (Edited 5861d ago )

it's multiplatform. if they made the PS3 version look better people like you would get their feelings hurt.

Gamer135861d ago

And the multi player will be better than CD3.

Bishop5861d ago

Unless you are showing me screenshots of the exact same scenes on each console then I can't really tell if one is better then the other. Besides this is not the game that will define the 360's true power or the PS3's true power and if they port the game using the same graphics on both consoles then this game isn't really a good example between the PS3 and the 360 is it. However Sony still has a lot left to show me before their price is justified. On a postive note PS3 first year games are already looking as good or better then many of the 360's second year games.

TheMART5861d ago

Major bull

We haven't seen so much from PS3 games. Heck we haven't seen so much of anything of the PS3 actually.

Many of the 360 games I have not seen anything on PS3 ingame footage that can live up to it.

ANd especially games that will come up like Gears of War, Too Human, Lost World, etc. seen nothing like it. Even one of the best that are there, Resistance looks less the COD3, it's just about the same setting with some aliens added

Jay da 2KBalla5861d ago (Edited 5861d ago )

"On a postive note PS3 first year games are already looking as good or better then many of the 360's second year games"

Really? Thats your opinion and thats cool. But I think that 360s 2nd gen titles all look better than ps3s launch titles or at worst the same but there surely is not ONE ps3 title that looks better than a 360 2nd gen title.

Donkey Slayer5861d ago

I'm certainly not shocked that the PS3 is getting the sequel to the #1 selling xbox360 game.

TheMART - come out of your cave. Don't take it personally. Obviously you've missed E3 and where plenty of games were playable and since then many more gameplay videos have been shown.

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The story is too old to be commented.