Call Of Duty Adventure Game Canned In Favor Of Modern Warfare 3

Gamasutra: "Sledgehammer Games, an internal studio at Activision that was originally working on a third-person Call of Duty adventure game, has revealed that the game was canned in favor of focusing on upcoming Modern Warfare 3."

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NBT912606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Yeah not like you need to try and make something original or anything after all...
I would not mind seeing it form in the future though!

NuclearDuke2606d ago

MW2 -> Over 20 million units sold
Black Ops -> Over 20 million units sold
Each game sold for incredible amounts of DLC.

Why would they "need to try" and make something original?

NBT912606d ago

Well, call me crazy if you like, but I find doing the same thing over and over again to be just a little tiresome after a while. It would be nice for games if they tried to expand their range of games a bit, would it not?

Les-Grossman2606d ago

Why couldn't they do both ? They could afford it & the fan base is sure as hell big enough to do both

Gigglefist2606d ago

As much as I would have liked an adventure CoD, I can't deny that the fact that they're putting all resources into MW3 instead will make it (MW3) much better than if they didn't.

Son_Lee2606d ago

An adventure title would actually make the CoD franchise feel fresh again. If done properly, this could be an amazing game.

DeadIIIRed2606d ago

Haha, I guess when you destroy one genre its time to move to the others.

JeffGUNZ2606d ago

How have they destroyed the FPS? IW made the FPS genre what it is today. COD hasn't monopolized the FPS, they just have the best product. DICE, EA, and countless other developers are still releasing FPS with different feels. The COD hate on this site is so childish. You people realize it's a f*cking video game, right? It's an optional purchase for someone, it's not a mandatory, nor is it the only game releasing this year. If you don't like it, just pass it and play something else. No, that makes too much sense, we should just click every article that says "COD" and then leave an unoriginal and unfunny one liner. Well played DeadlllRead, well played.

arjman2606d ago

Yeah IW made the FPS genre what it is today, ignoring the years of PC FPS' before Cod 4 -_- Counterstrike anyone?

Also thank god for IW's divine intervention in the FPS genre, now we have a wealth of variety and creativity pouring out from the cracks of the genre:


JeffGUNZ2606d ago

I should have clarified. I meant for consoles, obviously PC is a different animal.

Also, IW did pioneer it with COD4. It has been recycled through other games this generation. When I mean they pinoeered it, I mean the addictive MP ranking system.

DeadIIIRed2606d ago

They've ruined the FPS genre by over saturating the hell out of it with "new" releases every year. Anyways simmer down and follow your own advice, its just a game. You shouldn't fly off the rails every time you read a one liner you dislike.

COD is to video games what Michael Bay is to films.