PlayStation Release Calendar – September

Badass Panda: Join us for another new feature as we take a look at the games being released this month.

We’re kicking off this feature with a busy month full of variety. The month is full of blockbuster titles, but leading the pack is first-person sci-fi shooter Resistance 3. Other big titles include the latest game in EA’s FIFA series, FIFA 12, Ubisoft’s Driver franchise reincarnation; Driver: San Francisco and the first-person zombie survival game, Dead Island.

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Kurisu2606d ago

What about God of War Collection Volume 2 and the ICO & SotC Collection? I am getting those along with Child of Eden :)

tarbis2606d ago

LOL, they forgot the 2 important titles there. I'm getting GoW Origins and ICO & Shadow collection. Then I'm gonna import Super Robot Wars OGs2. ^_^